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Corporation Tax: Paying HMRC

Paying HMRC the tax due

Your Corporation Tax will fall due 9 months after your company year end.

The bank details you will need are:

Account number 12001039
Sort code 08 32 10
Reference Your 17 digit tax reference

You can verify this information here.

Remember you should make this payment from your company bank account.

Your 17 digit reference

It used to be that you could just use your 13 digit CT reference but recently HMRC have started rejecting these payments. So it’s now really important to use the unique 17 digit reference that HMRC provide for each accounting period, which is made up of the 13 digit reference plus some extra numbers and letters.

The easiest place to find this is on a letter HMRC will have sent you, either requesting a return or a statement of tax due.

Alternatively if you have an HMRC Online account you will be able to find the code in the statement section.

Below is an example of the return request letter. We’ve redacted some company specific information with black blocks but you can see the 17 digit code in the red box.

17 digit tax reference