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Adding a new employee to payroll

Short Answer

Fill out the form and send a P45/P46 to your Caprica Accountant

The importance of a P45

Any individual leaving an employer should be issued with a P45 within two weeks of leaving. The P45 includes important information that we need to know including:

  1. National insurance number
  2. Date of birth
  3. Address
  4. Year to date pay
  5. Student loan deductions

You should ask your new employee for a P45 and email this to your Caprica Accountant so they can setup the payroll. In addition to this, we need to know the details requested in the form below.

What if they can’t get a P45

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get a P45. If that happens, please ask for the most recent payslip the employee received. If the employee has not previously been employed then they can instead fill out HMRC’s new employee checklist, which you can view here. This then needs to be sent to your Caprica Accountant.

New Employee Form

Who is your Caprica Accountant

Company name?

New employee name?

How frequently are they paid?

How is their pay structured

How much are they paid

Anything else you want to tell us?